Tanuj Nagpal

Hello. My name is Tanuj Nagpal.

I'm a computer science student.

I'm working with InstantPost as an Intern where my major work have been on an automation software so far.
[UPDATES] - I'd expectantly be joining fulltime by end of my graduation

In my spare time I enjoy dabbling with softwares projects, exploring about GNU/Linux , building application that no one will ever use haha! I also like ricing my GNU/Linux environment. Here are my dotfiles or configs you may say just in case. My laptop is not top notch or high config and also I like minimalism to things around me so I keep my Desktop environment like this, below is some description about it.

Linux customizationLinux customization

Here is a glimpse of my workspace ;). I'm using i3wm as my window manager to keep everything organized at my dekstop so that everything is in reach within a minimum key strokes away, fish as a replacement to bash because it serves me well and my custom st build as a terminal because of it's lightness and speed

I maintain this website as my blog where I can share my experience with anything that occurs to me whilst I keep moving forward in the world . This is also a side project which I started for fun with nuxt.js which is built on the top of Vue to get hands on experience with how server side pages web pages can be generated from a component-based web app with full SEO support and client side routing on front-end only as it is hosted on github pages. Anyway if you have any kind of feedpack feel free to click on this anonymous Feedback link.

Gaming also used to be a big part of my life, but has lately taken a back seat as a past time hobby as I discovered more exciting things. I played FPS Games like Call of Duty(Most of the segments), TPP games like Tomb Raider, Mad Max and a strategic game which by far I've played the most Clash of Clans.